Create beautiful forms and surveys using drag and drop

It is a good idea if it works seamlessly with broader platforms, this is exactly the kind of stuff utilitarian tech should do. The more we free up the brain the more we access it.
@jeremyfrommer Thank you! Yes, we believe the more time we can free up from performing redundant tasks, it would lead us more productivity plus cost saving. There are many more exciting features coming up as well.
@sololeena Yes it is like that new product Jelly I just looked at, I am constantly calling out to employees to answer simple questions (like how to spell a word, we all do). Having a piece of tech on my desk that just answers me will save them a lot of time.
@jeremyfrommer I agree on that. The connected aspects of modern applications are leaning towards that. The other element is helping in this area is interactive applications - that are UX driven and applicable more than tech sector.
FormBit co-founder here. Big thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us ;) Here is the background - The idea is to be able to create full-fledged online custom forms (simple or complex) via drag and drop functionality. Once the forms are created - you can view the responses, export submissions, integration (500+ apps via Zapier), embed on websites, etc. The form builder itself supports many field types. Additionally, you can create polls, surveys, contact form, donation forms, etc. It's a tool that every business or university needs to go from paper form to electronic format in no time. No lock-in or programming knowledge required. See the "Form Store" to see sample forms/templates. We are running a special for PH: PRODUCTHUNT50. Very excited to be on PH!