Beautiful forms for your websites, no coding needed 🗒

Create forms to embed on your websites. Secure and validated forms without coding or installing another plugin.

Great job!! Any plugin for Wordpress?
@ayush_chandra not yet, but it's currently in the making!
Now this is great but the pricing is steep IMO. Plugins are free and there are other form builders out there that do most of this and more for free or lesser than this.
@saifalfalah Thanks! The biggest difference is that you don't need a backend when using Formable. I hope to get more features into the product soon to match my competitors, but for now I think I am not that expensive.
@gayakessler Check out formspree. That doesn't require any backend either. And I know 3-4 more services like it.
@saifalfalah fair enough, I can take a look at the pricing when I've looked at these services. You can try Formable for free as it offers a free plan too. Thank you for your feedback!
I’m strangely obsessed with forms. The ui, the structured data, the infinite use cases!...❤️. That said, it would be hard to get me to switch from Paperform without a seriously clear value prop and amazing UI. Whoever hunted Formable, what do you love about it?
@mwtbrowser To be honest, I am the creator and added Formable myself to share with the world. So my opinion is a bit biased. Because I am still small, I can quickly match my user's needs. That's the difference I can make now. Would you be interested in talking about what you'd like to see made in a service like this?