FORM Swim Goggles + Polar Heart Rate

See your heart rate while you swim 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🥽❤️

FORM and Polar announce the release of a firmware update for the FORM Swim Goggles that enables support for Polar’s OH1 and OH1+ optical heart rate monitors, giving swimmers the unprecedented ability to view their real-time heart rate, throughout their swim.
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The FORM Swim Goggles entered the swimming scene back in August, giving swimmers metrics in front of their eyes for the first time. Today, the goggles have gotten even better. FORM now supports Polar’s OH1 and OH1+ optical heart rate sensors, allowing swimmers to see their heart rate when it really counts: during their swim. By pairing the FORM Swim Goggles with either the Polar OH1 or the OH1+, swimmers can precisely measure their effort in the moment, something previously impossible in the sport. Once paired with the OH1 or OH1+, the goggles display heart rate as a live number in your field of view. That’s in addition to the other metrics the goggles support, which include split times, stroke rate, stroke count, distance, and pace per 50 or 100. Once you complete a workout, you can also review everything in the FORM Swim App for iPhone and Android. Heart rate data is matched up to your other stats, and the app tells you how much time you spent in each heart rate zone. Speaking about the update, Tom Fowler, President of Polar USA said, “We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Swimming with the FORM Swim Goggles and the Polar OH1/OH1+ combines the best of two worlds: the transformative training experience provided by FORM and the gold standard in heart rate technology delivered by Polar.” Purchase the goggles and learn more on our website: We're here all day answering questions about our new feature. 🏊🏊‍♀️🥽❤️
I grew up swimming and playing water polo competitively, after trying on this product I'm sure I would have appreciated it in the pool during those years.
I'm not a swimmer, but I am curious about this. How does it read the heart rate? From your temples?
@kyle_smyth Hi Kyle! Yep, you're correct. The Polar OH1 mounts to the goggles strap using our purpose-built FORM mounting clip, and it reads heart rate from the temple.