Form Builder by Webiny

Visual form builder. OpenSource, serverless and dev-friendly

Create Forms Using a Drag&Drop Interface and Track Conversions.
Serverless & Self-hosted - Quick and easy deployment with Serverless Framework.
Complete package - Build forms, define terms and conditions, setup a captcha and view submissions.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hi fellow hunters, I'm happy to announce a new upgrade to Webiny Serverless CMS - Webiny Form Builder. Webiny Form Builder features: ✅ Open-source ✅ Self-hosted ✅ Serverless ✅ Drag&drop interface ✅ Customizable via plugins ✅ ReCAPTCHA, Webhooks and other integrations ✅ Track conversion rates ✅ Form revisions and versioning ✅ CSV export ✅ Multi-language support Learn more: - Product page: - GitHub: - Documentation: - Announcement blog post: Webiny is an open-source CMS for serverless web development and our goal is to empower developers to create serverless apps with ease. We do that by providing processes, tools and ready-made apps. One of those new apps is Webiny Form Builder. Use it to create both simple and complex forms. Developers have full control over the form look and feel and can easily extend and add new functionality. The Form Builder has a seamless integration with Webiny Page Builder, so it's easy to insert the forms into your page. The Webiny team is on this thread and happy to answer any questions. We would love to get some early feedback so we can further improve the product.
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Hey cool product! Can it be embedded on another website?
@abhiroop_cvk Unfortunately not as Webiny is a standalone product. To use it you need to run your whole website on Webiny. We will soon add a Headless module, which will allow you to pull the forms and other content via an API, but in that case it's on you to do the rendering of the form and content. Happy to answer any other questions.
This is one of the best form builders I have seen in a long time. Good job guys.
@pedro_salvado Thank you Pedro - and if you decide to try it out, let us know what you think!
Congratulations, the form builder looks great! The web really lacks a good drag and drop form build with good extensibility. I spent 2 entire days testing out all the form builders I could find and none of them were both easy to use and extensible. On the other hand, JSON/DSL based form libraries take WAAYY too much time to setup and customize. Kudos to you and your team for tackling this challenge! P.S. Please host a demo so we can test the form builder and other goodies you're making!
Thanks @rayliverified :) The whole Webiny CMS and all our apps are made for developers so that they can extend them and fully customize them for their needs. In terms of the demo, we actually had that discussion a few hours ago internally and we will have something ready in the next few days ;) Thanks again for your feedback!
Looking great. Any costs?
Hey @edwin_hakof, Webiny is 100% free and open-source. You host it on your own AWS cloud. There are no plans or packages that you need to pay for.