Form Bucket

Powerful forms for static sites

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Would be interested in seeing the pricing before signing up for free. I like the idea. For super small projects I'd like to move/migrate way from using PHP mailing functions and just have a service automate it instead. At a very affordable price (or even free for very low-volume projects, say 0-25 submissions a month), I'd be inclined to consider it.
Michael HenrySoftware Development Engineer, Amazon
@bscottx Looks Like Form Bucket is able to do more than just send emails for a simple contact form. If that's all your looking for, try this out:
@badhairday Looks like the site link on that is dead, but I found the new URL (ends in .io now). Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out.
John Murch
With a product like this, it would be interesting offering both a SaaS as well as a DIY hosted version for those who want to use it but worried about data/privacy/etc.