New hair care collection for all hair types from Walker & Co

a line of hair care products for all hair types.FORM is

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So great to see Tristan and the team at Walker & Co. expanding into other areas like this (other Walker & Co company is Bevel). I know from a lot of friends that hair care for e.g. afro hair is notoriously hard to buy products for so I think there is a huge gap in the market for something like this.
Dope🚬🚬🚬 Finding Hair Care products is like a chemistry experiment for course hair. 🤔"If I can mix some Pantene, Olive Oil, Honey, L'Oréal, Garlic, and a Lunchable. Maybe my hair will turn out alright." Lol
The teaser intro video is wonderful! I like the powerful imagery and message about beauty and identity.
How long was this in the making Tristan? Any challenges that stand out?
This looks great! As I've worn my hair natural for years, it's great to see a range of textures represented! Great work, @walkercobrands!