Forksy Diet

AI-powered diet to increase your energy and productivity

Forksy Diet is a 6-week program that helps the average individual adopt basic nutritional rules in order to become a more energetic and productive person.

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Hi Hunters! Forksy Diet is a 6-week program that helps the average individual adopt basic nutritional rules in order to become a more energetic and productive person. Each week of the Forksy Diet introduces a particular nutrition concept and explains how it affects different aspects of your life and well-being — including your mental clarity / sharpness, sleep quality, and your ability to concentrate and learn. What makes this diet special is that it is not managed by a human, but by our bot - Forksy. It’s a diet that adapts to you: the more you tell Forksy about your food and drinks, the more personal her advice is. Your first week of the Forksy Diet is free of charge; if you like it and would like to continue, you can purchase the entire program for $9.90. The Forksy Diet is the first step towards building our lifestyle coaching automation platform. If you are a coaching company and want to create a bot with your coaching program, please reach out to us at contact [at] getforksy [dot] com. WHAT’S INSIDE: 1. A bot that guides you through the diet, personalizes it to your needs, and keeps a food diary for you 2. An automated comprehensive analysis of your eating habits; 3. Lots of additional materials every week: – How to avoid hidden obstacles; – Scientific explanations to back our advice; – Healthy alternative meal options; – Self-assessment and success measuring tips 4. Direct access to program authors The Forksy Diet Timeline: — Start of the program: Preliminary Nutritional Assessment — Week 1. Fatigue and Concentration: you’ll be able to reduce fatigue, enhance your concentration, get rid of mood swings, and eliminate food cravings — Week 2. Vitality: you’ll learn to stay refreshed without stimulants, regain clarity, sleep better, and get rid of some extra calories — Week 3. Lightness: you’ll improve your digestion and will feel less drowsy after meals — Week 4. Long-Term Investment: you’ll lay the foundation for the brain and cognitive performance, as well as creativity for years and decades to come — Week 5. Productive Lifestyle: you’ll gain an additional 2–4 productive hours per day — Week 6. Consistency: you’ll learn how to turn knowledge into habit — End of the program: Updated Nutritional Analysis Why we created the Forksy Diet: Thank you @sethlouey for hunting us.
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As a co-founder of another company in the same vertical (fitness and weight management), I can see real value for customers in Forksy.


Easy to use. Real Effect


So far looks good.

I really like the idea. Forksy Diet feels much more personal, friendly and somewhat more available than other food logging apps I've tried. Unfortunately, I experienced that it failed at the core - recognizing the food I'm trying to log.


Very available. Somewhat intuitive, friendly and fun "conversation".


I tried logging a few meals, but Forksy failed to comprehend at both occations.

I send Forsky my foods, and she gives me back some comments which surprisingly I find useful and not annoying) Suits for anyone who is willing to be more dynamic and lively.


Always in my pocket, very convenient


Not that I know about

6 weeks. Seems to be an easy try! Out of curiosity, who's nutritionist in your team?
@stepah Our chief scientist is Lena Degtyar - a Berlin-based PhD with over 15 years of experience in research labs in Israel and Germany and a dozen publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The best co-author for the diet I could imagine!