A.I. lunch robot that curates & delivers your team lunch

#5 Product of the DayJuly 07, 2016

Office lunch - Automated

The best office lunch delivery service for individual, customizable meals. A.I. to automatically coordinate and deliver the best meals for each teammate.

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Thanks Lyle! Forkable is reinventing lunch — sacred territory, I know — and we're doing it with some pretty serious AI tech. If you're skeptical (there's a ton of “food startups” promising the moon), trust me, I'm with you, but this is going to change everything: Imagine you're at your desk. Magically, your favourite meal (borscht? Sushi? Korean BBQ?) arrives piping hot (or cold), on time, without you having to make a delivery order on Postmates—or make a call to the restaurant. Best yet, your company covers a portion of the meal—maybe even the whole thing. How’s it work? After completing a survey on your favorite foods and dietary restrictions, our “lunchbot AI” creates the equivalent of a Spotify playlist for you and the rest of your officemates. No apps, no phone calls, no Slack polls asking “anyone hungry?” We deliver everyone's meals at a specified time without you having to do anything (but of course, you can preview meals and switch them, if you want). Forkable is already available in a bunch of cities in the U.S.—and soon internationally! I'll be here all day to answer your questions, food related or otherwise.
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@joecode definitely going to tell our founders about this. It looks so good!
@joecode I dig the "Imagine you're at your desk, and Magically, your favorite meal arrives, on time, without you having to make a delivery order on Postmates." storyline — must get 🏃💨
We've been using Forkable here since the beginning of the year. It's been fantastic for us. You get to choose between two restaurants each day, and each restaurant usually has 3-6+ entree or salad choices with optional sides. Lunch arrives on time and we see new restaurant options appear each month.
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Awesome idea @joecode @nick_nacz, forwarding this link to our office manager! We've used Eat Club in the past and it's been just okay, what can we expect from Forkable? How is it different?
@maxmackey @nick_nacz Thanks Max! We've had lots of people switch over from Eat Club. Their centralized warehouse model means lunches can’t be customized, there isn't much variety, and the food isn't as fresh and delicious as the food we get directly from our partner restaurants. Crucially, our lunch bot makes sure you never go hungry -- you literally don't have to think about it at all.
@joecode how many restaurants are you partnered with? And how does that effect growth if you get a mass influx of users at one time?
@h_moyers Hundreds... though it varies by region. We're good at getting new restaurants onboard. The main challenge is making sure we have enough drivers is any given region. If we got too many signups, we'd have to create a waiting list as we scaled up. When we originally launched the beta last year, it was literally me operating the entire service, and I had to say no to some 200 person companies as a result.
As an office manager, Forkable saves my sanity on the daily. Getting folks to agree on lunch options is always a headache (even with an awesome, flexible team like mine), so the fact that everyone gets to pick their own food options and it's delivered without me having to do any legwork is amazing. The pricing is also totally reasonable, in my opinion!
Just got our first order from Forkable at the office yesterday. It was great!