Fast and friendly git client for Mac and Windows

Fork is a fast and nicely designed git client for Mac and Windows.

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@chrismessina thank you for hunting us! Predicting some questions I listed the most notable features of Fork below: - It's native, not an Electron app - Interactive rebase - Ability to extend UI with Custom Actions - Side-by-side diff - Light and dark themes - Merge conflict resolver - GitHub notifications - Tabbed interface - Syntax highlighting - Image diff - Ability to star/pin important branches - GPG support - Commit templates - Code minimap on scrollbars Fork for Windows has been released publicly only few weeks ago and doesn't have all the features of the mac version yet. But you can expect them to appear soon. If you have some questions I'll be happy to answer them.
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like the extreme simplicity and tidiness of the icon!
That diff view 😍. That separates the wheat from the chaff, at least for me.

I've been using Fork since its early days and the progress it has made since then is incredible! Looking forward to using it more and seeing it grow along. :)


Simple yet functional UI, I get my stuff done very quickly!


Not as feature-rich as other tools

Hi Sebastian! Thank you for the comment! I remember you being one of the very first Fork users :). Could you please contact me regarding features you'd like to see?

Also a early user since beta testing, Fork has successfully replaced Tower, GitX (various versions) as my primary Git client. Now I use Fork for reviewing and committing, use GitUp for better branch graph view when it comes to large and complex projects.


- Well designed layout, everything just works as expected, no hassle when you just wanna get things done.

- Night mode

- Cli tool is great


- UI is a little bit slow when switching between multiple tabs

- Commit message box is a little bit annoying, it has 3 different heights

Thank you for the cons. I will make some improvements in the next release.