Fast and friendly git client for Mac and Windows

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Fork is a fast and nicely designed git client for Mac and Windows.

  • Reorx Xiao
    Reorx XiaoPython Developer

    - Well designed layout, everything just works as expected, no hassle when you just wanna get things done.

    - Night mode

    - Cli tool is great


    - UI is a little bit slow when switching between multiple tabs

    - Commit message box is a little bit annoying, it has 3 different heights

    Also a early user since beta testing, Fork has successfully replaced Tower, GitX (various versions) as my primary Git client. Now I use Fork for reviewing and committing, use GitUp for better branch graph view when it comes to large and complex projects.

    Reorx Xiao has used this product for one year.
  • LuongVo
    LuongVoSoftware developer

    This is an extremly useful tool. I mostly use it as a diff viewer and to get an overall look at my repository


    There is pretty much no cons for now.

    Compared to other solution, here are why Fork wins:

    1. It's more simple than others, such as Source Tree, which is highly integrated with Bitbucket.

    2. Run much faster and with lower RAM usage compared to other Electron based Git GUI clients.

    3. A lot of advanced features are just a click away and somehow I feel that Fork is like GitX on steroid :)

    4. Dark theme is a thing :)

    5. Very friendly and helpful developers (see their Twitter to verify this)

    LuongVo has used this product for one month.
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Dan Pristupov
Dan PristupovMaker@dankhnt · Software Developer in Fork git client
@chrismessina thank you for hunting us! Predicting some questions I listed the most notable features of Fork below: - It's native, not an Electron app - Interactive rebase - Ability to extend UI with Custom Actions - Side-by-side diff - Light and dark themes - Merge conflict resolver - GitHub notifications - Tabbed interface - Syntax highlighting - Image diff - Ability to star/pin important branches - GPG support - Commit templates - Code minimap on scrollbars Fork for Windows has been released publicly only few weeks ago and doesn't have all the features of the mac version yet. But you can expect them to appear soon. If you have some questions I'll be happy to answer them.
ShimomiAizo@hesperiashimo · First Year Grad Student, HCI/d @ IUB
like the extreme simplicity and tidiness of the icon!
Jlis Ehrl
Jlis Ehrl@jlis · Developer @ LOVOO.
That diff view 😍. That separates the wheat from the chaff, at least for me.
Pascal Andermatt
Pascal Andermatt@pandermatt · Software Developer and Student
Looks better than source tree, I LOVE IT
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Is it useful for non tech users ?
Dan Pristupov
Dan PristupovMaker@dankhnt · Software Developer in Fork git client
@ayush_chandra git is mainly for tracking changes in source code, but you can also use it for text documents