Forget The Funnel

Free workshops to help SaaS marketers be more effective

Forget The Funnel is a free, weekly series of 30-minute workshops just for SaaS marketers. The goal is to help marketers get out of the weeds, think strategically, and be more effective at work.

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Hey, PH folks! 👋 Co-founder of Forget The Funnel here. Gia and I are so excited to share FTF with the community today. The idea for Forget The Funnel came about in mid-2017. Georgiana Laudi (previously VP Marketing at Unbounce) and I had both left our in-house roles as SaaS marketers, and had been consulting for a couple months. We both noticed our clients struggling with the same problem: in a tech startup’s earliest stages, it’s common for founding teams to undervalue marketing. Instead, the bulk of the founders' time and energy are spent on product. When a marketer *is* eventually brought on, this puts them at a disadvantage: while their goal is to increase revenue - the lifeblood of the company - the projects they’re running consistently get de-prioritized in favor of product development. As a result, many marketers get discouraged and have trouble thinking strategically about their role and department. They struggle to manage their time and resources, so it becomes too easy to get stuck in the weeds, and eventually burn out. That's why we started Forget The Funnel: a weekly series of free, 30-minute workshops to help marketers get out of the weeds, think strategically, and be more effective leaders. We just wrapped up Season One, where we covered topics like... * How to gain C-Suite trust and buy-in * Demystifying 'strategic thinking' * How SaaS marketers can do more with less * And over a dozen more! If you sign up for Season Two (kicking off in February), you'll get access to all 18 Season One recordings instantly. Feel free to binge away 😊 We really hope you enjoy the series! We're around all day to answer questions, and can't wait to hear your feedback / comments 🎉 ✌
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Hi Product Hunters! I had such a fun time being a guest on FFTF. I talked about 4 Steps to Align SaaS Content Marketing & Product Management. Check it out here. If you're also a SaaS expert, I encourage you to reach out to be a guest on the show!
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@nikkielizdemere 💛 thank you Nichole, for hunting FTF *and* for being an incredible guest. You have so much knowledge to share, we were SO happy to have you share it with our community. Can't wait for next time!
So surprised this hasn't already been hunted! I was a guest and had a blast sharing some ideas about marketing and distribution with Claire and Gia. When most marketers hear: "Forget The Funnel" it probably strikes a bit of a nerve. But trust me... The ideas these two bring to life from not only their guests but with their own experience is gold. Great hunt @Nikkielizedemere - Jealous I didn't think to hunt it first.
@thecoolestcool, @nikkielizedemere is a boss :) Thank you SO much for being an incredible guest and sharing your knowledge in Season One. I personally refer back to your workshop all the time - and the resource you added at the end? It's bookmarked in Asana for quick reference :) We're so grateful you were willing to share your knowledge with the community.
@thecoolestcool agreed with Claire! You’re a big reason our first season was so great. 🙏🏼 Thanks for the kind words, too!
Excited to see ForgetThe Funnel on PH. I had a great time helping FTF students to get started with conversion optimization and get company buy-in. Definitely a great resource for all SaaS marketers who want to start bringing in real, scalable results!
@taliagw the knowledge you shared was invaluable, Talia! Thanks so much for coming on as a guest ❤️ 💥

Claire and Georgiana truly care about helping marketers to think about strategy first and win at their job. They love what they do and it transpires in everything they do. Thank you for doing what you're doing.


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