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Thanks for hunting us, Jack! We are excited to launch Forge on Product Hunt today. At Forge, we believe in the power of great teachers. Our platform allows your team members to connect with a curated community of experts from leading companies across the globe for one-on-one, on-demand, expert mentorship. We believe that relevant, personalized self-directed learning is the best way to acquire new skills. Getting started on Forge is easy, within minutes your team can be setting goals, discovering experts to work with and track their learning progress. Learning should be fast, easy, and fun – we hope that will be your experience on Forge!
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Looks neat! Are there plans to create private groups of mentors/mentees
@kjaymiller yes there are. You'll be able to do this in two ways. Spontaneously, when team mates create open goals with experts, or you'll actually be able to invite people to a mentorship group. What do you think is the best way we could do this?
To give some more context, Chris and I started discussing the idea of starting a company in 2012, while cycling across Canada to raise money in the fight against MS. While we had different educational experiences, we both saw a disconnect between the pace of change in technology around us and the lack of change in education. We believe that great teachers are irreplaceable and want to use technology to make them available to everyone. As founders, we experienced the highs and lows of building a business - that's what inspired us to create Forge - a fast, accessible way to learn from leading experts. We're really proud of our team (11 employees from 10 countries!) and our community of more than 2,000 experts. We can't wait to see the next generation of founders and creators learn on Forge!
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Really excited by the potential here. This is an area that few companies get right and that is so important for building great teams.
@olofster Thanks Olof, We really appreciate your kind words. It's been a pleasure working with your team at MixMax over the last year - we've learned a lot from how you and your team approach customer service.
Hey Hunters - lead frontend engineer for here! If you've any questions about the tech etc feel free to ask. I don't bite, even though I'm running on very little sleep... 😅
Hi guys, product looks great! Few questions: - Does Forge allow experts to create their own custom content like Coursera, Treehouse, Ucacity, etc? - What's in it for the experts? - Can experts create their own subjects to teach or do you provide a set list of subjects that you need experts for? - Can you use forge to teach within a team without an outside expert? Example: We have an expert of JavaScript at our company and want to teach our workforce JavaScript using our expert with your service Thanks! 🎉
@codetheory Hi Tim, thanks very much for your questions! - so you'll notice our UI is very different, like a messenger but instead of talking to a person it's a "goal" at present these are all customized but in future, experts will create their own goals that people can join. They'll also be able to fork goals from others experts. For example, I could fork John Mattone (Steve Jobs' coach course on leadership and teach it myself) .It's a really cool system. However, sessions will always be LIVE only unlike Coursera, etc.. - experts get paid, get to share their skills and possibly open up further business opps. In a sense, we want to be Airbnb for learning, where you can take your mind on an adventure with great teachers across the planet. That's kind of cool, no? Of our experts, many have signed up just for the joy of teaching. - experts can create their own subjects. In fact, that's kind of the point. We want to be the most up to date learning platform and that'll only happen if experts decide what is relevant and worth teaching - eventually we will support that but what we felt is that smaller teams can probably just use Slack or Skype. Our focus was bringing external skills and knowledge to create huge time savings. On a totally separate note, Jack who hunted us, is an expert on our platform 😻
@schraderrr - Wow, that sounds really cool, actually. Is that optional for experts to allow forking of their goals? Or is the point to be a shared learning experience? - "Airbnb for learning" is an good analogy! - That's a great way to create an expansive base of knowledge. - Well, I'm glad you're thinking about this. You guys are off to a _great_ start. I got invited by a friend and I can feel that it'd be a great place to learn and even track what I learn. Yay Jack 🎉
@codetheory We’re listening to all of you and our experts to understand what makes sense with respect to forking goals, and for the experience as a whole. We want to build the best possible learning environment for both parties – to achieve that, we’re reaching out and having conversations to inform our product roadmap. Let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas!