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Hi! I'm Jared Kim, CEO and founder of Forge. For years I've been a bit obsessed with building a better social experience for gaming. I wanted to create a product that would enhance--rather than interrupt--the in-game experience. Back in the day, sharing a gaming clip meant buying expensive screen-recording software, manually recording your gameplay and  editing the clip down, uploading it to YouTube, and sharing the link. That's a lot of work if you only wanted to share a 10-second replay! It was a clumsy process and completely killed the fun and momentum of gaming. In 2008 I founded WeGame, dubbed a "YouTube for gamers" by TechCrunch. WeGame was the first platform that enabled gamers to both easily capture and share gaming videos online, and was acquired in 2011. There have since been so many improvements in computing and graphics performance and I think there is still more that could be done in this space -- WeGame only scratched the surface. Forge is a new way for everyday PC gamers to easily and automatically capture gameplay and share short-form clips. As soon as a game is launched, Forge instantly records all of your gameplay footage. You can easily clip and share your favorite highlights to the Forge network and other popular platforms like Twitter - all without even exiting the game. Forge runs quietly in the background, without the use of any additional hardware and without ads. Really excited to share Forge with the world, so thanks for checking us out!
@jaredkim Congrats on the launch :) When can we expect to see Forge on mobile?
@bentossell Thank you Ben! We're focused on PC at the moment and want to get the core user experience right first. I think a mobile experience for consuming Forge content is definitely something that is possible in the near future :)
@jaredkim @bentossell Awesome to hear that consumption driven mobile is a plan in the near future! 🙌
@jaredkim Beyond video, is there an option to export to GIF? Could see this being massive.
@kur1 Definitely something we've played around with. We're mainly concerned about the filesize of decent quality GIFs. Most of the web has moved to looping videos and just calling them GIFs :)
I’ve been using Forge throughout their development process (I’m an advisor), and I’m very excited about the public beta! I’ve really enjoyed sharing some of my gaming experiences with the community.
Being in the gaming industry for many years, Forge is much needed! Excited to see where this product will go. Game clips could be the new reaction gifs. :)
This looks awesome. Congrats guys!
This looks cool. Show highlights of your game-play! @jaredkim tell us the story here :)