Take a journey through your camera roll

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McGee Young
McGee Young@exprofyoung · Founder, MeterHero
Love this. I'm someone who takes lots of random pictures, mostly of my kids or views from my bike rides. Installation was super simple and intuitive. Tagging was a breeze, and really impressive given the age range differences in my kids photos. Well done team!
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
"I can't find my old photos" is the new "email sucks" it seems. There are several apps that do something similar to Forevery, and from my experience they're pretty good. Google Photos is pretty magical. So, is this really that big of a problem for people? Curious to hear from the makers on this. P.S. @fredwilson wrote about Forevery this morning. ·
@rrhoover never really had trouble finding old photos. The photos of events that matter to me are in an album somewhere and I sure know where to find them. Sometimes the problem comes with those single pictures snapped randomly that don't get sorted instantly, after some time these are hard to find.
Michael Babich
Michael Babich@michaelbabich · Entrepreneur, hacker, and traveler.
@rrhoover I'm really into photos — many gears, process RAW etc. — and consider Google Photos to be the best and ultimate forever free photo storage / sharing / albums / stories solution. Do not even get why would anybody create anything similar since Google Photos is free. There is no option to make money on it and compete with Google unless it's strictly niche professional related service. ... And with Google Photos there is no need to even keep photos in a phone memory. It provides instant access to a full photo library on the go.
Dan Kantor
Dan KantorMaker@dankantor · Director of Product @Clarifai
@rrhoover love the comparison to "email sucks"! Especially after Mailbox shutting down. There are a couple of features that make Forevery special - 1. You can teach Forevery any custom thing you want. This goes way beyond what others are doing today. It means instead of 'dog', you can actually teach it your dog 'Milo' and then it will recognize Milo every time you take a picture of her. 2. Sharing. When you want to share photos, Forevery recommends who to share them with. This goes way beyond 'Jill is in this photo, share it with her'. Imagine stuff like 'You daughter is in this photo, share it with your wife', 'The Giants are in this photo, share it with your 3 buddies'. 3. Search. Forevery allows you to combine searches "Jill, Sushi, New York City". Try doing that with other photo apps!
alex kwon
alex kwon@alexyoungkwon · oneminute
Visual recognition is the new #. Feels even more amazing that the Clarifai API is open to anyone.
Lenny Hu
Lenny Hu@lenndizzle · Designer and Product Guy
@rrhoover the tech is cool and this app is a great way to show it off. i imagine if anything, this is an awesome lead gen for their main business
Steve Poland
Steve Poland@popo · Early TC writer; Director of Z80 Labs
This made my homescreen in minutes after install. This has been a big problem for me -- finding photos on my iPhone. Instantly this gave me value creation (utility) with ability to search my photos by tags and had me instantly invested by creating my own tags (people I know, things I love, etc). I'm "hooked".
clarifai is one of the best, developer-friendly and fast deep learning vision APIs out there! really excited to see an application of it!
Jason Novack
Jason NovackMaker@jasonnovack · COO/Founder, Pilotship
Thank you @ourielohayon for hunting us, and to everyone for checking us out and upvoting! To us, Forevery is all about rediscovering memories, sharing beautiful content, and making photo discovery personal. At Clarifai, we’ve spent the last few years developing artificial intelligence software used by companies around the world to better understand their image and video data. Along the way, we realized that the same technology could also be applied to the personal photos we carry around on our smartphones every day. We have a good portion of the team listed here as makers and we're eager to hear what you think, so please feel free to reach out here or to any of us individually.