Forever Thankful on FB [PATCHED]

Chrome extension that brings back the Thankful Reaction 🌸

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EDIT: PATCHED! It was fun for a few hours before Facebook fixed it. Facebook brought back its limited edition ‘Thankful’ Reaction so people could show their thanks and appreciation during Mother’s Day this year, but then they ruined everything and removed it 😢 After reverse engineering the Facebook Reactions React components (FB is powered by its own React framework) I was able to restore humanity and bring the withered flower back. Just because Mother's Day is over doesn't mean we can't show our gratitude to others. Every day is a day for thanks. With this extension installed, the Thankful Reaction will appear at the end of the normal Reactions for you to use on posts and comments. Check out my Medium article that explains the reverse engineering process and how it works: Check out the source code on GitHub:
@calialec Well... it doesn't work. I can see the thankful icon, but after i press it, i get "content not available anymore" error.
@cosminbaluta Did you have it before? I believe it's only available in certain countries, so if you never saw the option to use it before, then unfortunately it won't work with this either.
@calialec Good point. I'm not sure if i had it. I've seen it, but don't know if i used it.
Alright, which one of you Facebookers is lurking in this post? 😂😂😂. I'm impressed by how fast Facebook patched this.
About to be thankful for everything on Facebook like: