Forever Labs

Bank your stem cells to live healthier, longer.

Forever Labs is a longevity company that collects and stores your young stem cells to be used in advanced therapies for disease, and potentially aging itself.

@mark_katakowsi What an incredible innovation! Are adult stem cells as useful as embryonic stem cells when it comes to treatment? What would be the benefit of me banking my stem cells e.g. could they be used to grow new organs if I needed a replacement?
@abadesi Thanks! Importantly, your own cells have the ability to incorporate into your body. In most circumstances, cells from other donors will be removed by your immune system; this significantly restricts their use and effectiveness. The production of new organs is still a nascent technology, but we do believe that storing your own young biology will give you a real advantage for such applications. Here's a post I wrote about a therapy that we are pursuing: -in short, we are testing if we can rejuvenate your bone marrow with your own younger cells, as it extends healthy lifespan in mice. Also, there are literally hundreds of clinical trials that use the patient's own stem cells to treat age-related disease. Young cells are far more effective therapeutically. I see the applications only growing with time, that's why I co-founded the company, and banked my own cells. :)
Awesome team to execute this visionary endeavor!
I like the concept and I follow this topic very closely. I think you have an intriguing concept here, I think it might be challenging to protect it once more people (and organizations) realize the importance of stem cells. I would love to stay updated on this, let me know once you expand to the Netherlands. :)
@gpachq Absolutely will do, Arthur! We are definitely expanding to Europe. We agree that the space will heat up, and we have some competitive advantages. ;)