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Put down your phone and stay focused. Or a tree will die. 🌳😵


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This is amazing so for. It really keeps me going on my task t hand and let me leave my phone totally alone. The idea of growing something (for yourself) because of focussed time, is beautifully illustrated and simply a truth.

I worked 6 hours yesterday, doing 25 minute chunks with 5-10 minutes of breaks in between. It really helped me to get something profound done.


Very nice UI and UX



Fond of everything new!
I feel too much of my time wasted with social media apps. I tried to turn off all the notifications, but it can’t stop me. I already get in the habit of checking messages every few minutes. There are many distractions out there. The feeling of lack of concentration kills me, and I feel anxious, exhausted. I spend time learning or working, but it is useless if one can not focus. Lucky, things changed after I downloaded forest. It helps me to stay focused. Every time I lift my phone and want to open Facebook or something, I stop cause I don’t want to kill my tree. I have been using the app for over four years, and unlocked almost all types of tree and also have built real trees through the app. That’s a good idea and it really changed my life. I will recommend it to more friends.

It 's great, just try


It is simple and adorable and has you working for a beautiful forest


sth misread an overlay noti for distraction

(I am using Android 8.0)hi I found a hack in this app that I can use YouTube and playstore for hours but still the plant is intact and the app is running in background still I love the app and I make my 10 friend's to download the app

Can you please add animals in the  forest and if we need to give the animals food we have to Winn the challenge.

If we  don't give the animals food it will die


ood plication


t ome roblem

Please read my "Best Android Apps for Students" blog, where I wrote a comprehensive review comparing Forest to alternative productivity apps here: https://appsforstudents.home.blog/


Great potential as a distraction blocker.


Unfortunately too many features are not free. I recommend another free study app here: https://appsforstudents.home.blog/

I'm a human
The app is pretty cool, people in the Telegram group is very nice, and they actually help you get over your phone addiction. I love it <3
🔎 A11y and Sustainability
I used Forest mainly through high school, as it's pretty big in the studyblr/studygram community. I quickly found myself preferring it over Flora and got the paid version. However, I didn't have as much of a use for it in college where I was barely ever on my phone. Sometimes, I'll download it back just for fun, or if I want to see more tree plantings. I like that it has a chrome extension, but it is not my preferred extension for website blocking (instead I use StayFocusd). It's really cute and the developers try very hard to listen to user feedback. I've enjoyed the little campaigns that have come out through the years. It was cool to see it come up when I was doing research on social innovation in Taiwan too. Without me being on Instagram, Tumblr, or Discord, it doesn't really come up anymore. Still, whenever I hear someone who is interested in pomodoro, I'll also suggest they check out forest.
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This is, I believe, the most special focus tool! I've been telling all my friends around me to download it.