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Sandro Munda
@seyz_ · Founder at Forest
By the way @ProductHunt - do you plan to try Forest for your next admin interface ? 😊
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Nicolas Dessaigne
@dessaigne · Co-founder & CEO, Algolia
While have an admin section for your webapp is critical, it often lags in your dev backlog… Sounds familiar? Then check out Forest, a customizable plug-and-play admin interface! You can plug Forest to your rails or Node.js webapp. It will gather your data in one place. Super helpful for devs who want to focus on their product and who don’t have much time to… See more
Rodolphe Ardant
@rodardant · CEO, Spendesk
Awesome idea! Building your admin is a whole new product to handle in your company. Operations and customer support team needs it on a daily basis to get their job done. As you want to focus on your core product, your admin has always the lowest priority on your roadmap. Forest unload the charge for your dev team and provide autonomy to ops team. We use it a… See more
maxime berthelot
@maxberthelot · Product Manager Growth @Buffer
Forest is a really useful product ! We're having a look right now for Respond, a Buffer product ! Good job Team Forest ;)
@prahasith_v · Founder, Mimir
We've been using rails console/scripts to support our users since launch. With a few non-technical team members joining our team soon, we knew we had to build an admin section but have been putting it off. This is going to save us a ton of dev hours :D
Tom Benattar
@tombenattar · Head of Growth Salesmachine
Congrats guys! It looks like an amazing product 👊