Hit the ground running with Forest, the back office solution that helps companies execute fast and at scale, with no time wasted on internal tools developed in-house.

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While have an admin section for your webapp is critical, it often lags in your dev backlog… Sounds familiar? Then check out Forest, a customizable plug-and-play admin interface! You can plug Forest to your rails or Node.js webapp. It will gather your data in one place. Super helpful for devs who want to focus on their product and who don’t have much time to spend on their admin interface.
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@dessaigne Thank you! We are very excited to introduce Forest to you hunters. Forest is a universal admin interface designed to manage your application data and all your specific business operations. We created Forest to make developer’s lives easier. Configuration is super easy. Install the Forest agent in your application (Ruby on rails and node.js for now, more coming soon). It instantly analyzes your data models and automatically sets up your admin interface. You can extend the REST API and use the WYSIWYG interface to handle complex scenarios without any restrictions and also connect your other services - like Intercom, Stripe, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, etc. - to gather all your intelligence in one place. We hope you like it! Tell us what you think of the app and I will be happy to reply to any comments and questions :)
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@seyz_ good job Sandro... We will probably use it.
@asatwork Awesome Alexandre! The installation takes less than 1 min ;) Thanks!!
@seyz_ @dessaigne Do you have plans to support Google App Engine?
@sajeev @dessaigne We have not looked too much into Google App Engine at the moment, but the more people are interested the faster the support will come 🙂
Awesome idea! Building your admin is a whole new product to handle in your company. Operations and customer support team needs it on a daily basis to get their job done. As you want to focus on your core product, your admin has always the lowest priority on your roadmap. Forest unload the charge for your dev team and provide autonomy to ops team. We use it at Spendesk and love the product! Congrats!
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@rodardant Thanks Rod, glad to see Forest used on a daily basis at Spendesk :)
Forest is a really useful product ! We're having a look right now for Respond, a Buffer product ! Good job Team Forest ;)
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@maxberthelot Thanks Max for the kind words! We’re eager to have Buffer on our testimonials page :wink:
We've been using rails console/scripts to support our users since launch. With a few non-technical team members joining our team soon, we knew we had to build an admin section but have been putting it off. This is going to save us a ton of dev hours :D
@prahasith_v That is precisely what we set out to do: save dev’s precious time so they can focus on building their product. Happy to save you from a couple headaches as you’re non-technical users jump onboard 😉. Be sure to take full advantage of our two month trial if you sign up using PH-link 💸
Congrats guys! It looks like an amazing product 👊
@tombenattar Thanks Tom! :)