Focus for 30 minutes at a time. Or a tree will die. 🌳😵


From the maker

Shaokan Pi
@shaokanp · Developer, Forest App
@emieljanson @PieterPaul
Currently, we are working on more advanced features, like detailed statistics, graphic improvements and other cool things. We plan to release a free version months later with in-app purchases for those “pro features”. People who purchased our app before then will have all pro features (and incoming features) without extra charge.


Andrew Condurache
@acondurache · Entrepreneur
Would be really cool if a real life tree was actually planted somewhere in a deforestation prone zone
Emiel Janson
@emieljanson · Designer, Blendle
I could see this go viral if the app was available for free. @shaokanp, did you consider other revenue models?
Pieter Walraven
@pieterpaul · Founder & Product @ Pie -
Love this! Have you considered a free version with in-app purchases? I would be happy to spend on different trees, surprise coupon reward eggs, ... grow cute animals or let them die... lots of interesting directions you could take this!
Wesley Magness
@wesmagness · Designer / Developer
Just want to add to potentially making this free with in app purchases. nnI tried to download it (screenshots REALLY intrigued me), but my CC expired and I didn't want to deal with adding another, thus closing the App Store and probably forgetting about this entirely. BUT luckily I use product hunt and am going to see this again
@paisano · Applanta
Clever... Forest is like the anti farmville game. The more you don't use it, the more trees you grow. Ha!
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