Focus for 30 minutes at a time. Or a tree will die. 🌳😡



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Andrew ConduracheΒ β€” Entrepreneur
Would be really cool if a real life tree was actually planted somewhere in a deforestation prone zone
WolfΒ β€”
@acondurache @amy_jeng If you'd like to add "planting a real tree as part of reforestation" through a well-renowned NGO via an API, let's talk (ping me at; I've API-fied tree planting for said NGO).
Menachem PritzkerΒ β€” CEO, TheHomeFixers
@wxmerkt @acondurache @amy_jeng @wolf there are APIs for everything nowadays...
Rabah RahilΒ β€” Director of Human Optimization, Onnit
AmyJengΒ β€” Developer, Forest App
@acondurache Hello, the real-tree-planting feature is already available in our iOS app. We have donated and helped Forest users plant over 28,000 real trees. And this feature will also be available soon in our Android app. :)
Emiel JansonΒ β€” Designer, Blendle
I could see this go viral if the app was available for free. @shaokanp, did you consider other revenue models?
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