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Eddie Pratt
Eddie Pratt@prattarazzi · Product Manager,
@joostschuur Great to see this on Product Hunt! I've been trying it for about a week or so. I like it because it gives you a really short focused/curated list of stories to read, with interesting points of view from industry influencers. I get the daily emails which give a very short summary of stories up front. This lets me know if it's worth reading further down the email with the detail. I don't feel overloaded with info. It's a bit like a high-class restaurant that presents a few select high-quality dishes. I've been finding most of the stories interesting and relevant. And they're presented cleanly so they're easy on the eye too. Well done @cam_pj. I think you're onto something really good here.
PJ Camillieri
PJ CamillieriMaker@cam_pj · Founder
@prattarazzi @justschuur Thank you so much Eddie. It means a lot. The daily email is doing really really well actually. Open rate is around 75%, which - I think - is really encouraging.
PJ Camillieri
PJ CamillieriMaker@cam_pj · Founder
Thanks @joostschuur for hunting us! Just a bit of background. The whole idea of Forereads is very simple: Who better than noted experts to tell us which articles really matter? They have to track all that — their expertise requires it — and they know what is noise and what is genuinely interesting. And what if we could even find out when several experts share the same piece of content? Isn’t such consensus the proof it’s an important read? All this is available on Twitter. Once you know who the experts are in a specific field, and once you know how to filter their most important posts, you get the best curation mechanism possible (no wonder so many journalists are on Twitter!). But if you are not a Twitter user, or only a casual one and you don’t know where to start… there’s Forereads. Everything is done automatically for you. It’s like becoming a Twitter power user instantly! Forereads is both a web app, and a newsletter. Choose the one you prefer :-). On a personal note, I just wanted to thank the people from the @producthunt community who agreed to take a look at Forereads prior to launch and gave me tons of feedback and a lot of encouragement: @chrismessina, @nbashaw, @tzhongg, @ourielohayon, @joescarboro, @golsong, @mgsiegler, @ahussein, @shaneleonard121, @marieouttier, Natasha Lomas and the tireless @rrhoover (I am POSITIVE he has a clone). Thank you so much guys, it meant a lot!
Joost Schuur
Joost SchuurHunter@joostschuur · Platform Evangelist, Playmob
Background story on the site from the maker @cam_pj:
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · No-coder 👉
I use Nuzzel for recommended articles... what is the differentiator here? Sites like Refind exist too, how do you aim to compete in this space?
PJ Camillieri
PJ CamillieriMaker@cam_pj · Founder
@bentossell Nuzzel is great, I think it illustrates how well this type of “human based” curation can work. If you are an advanced Twitter user it really rocks. Thing is, so many people still don’t use Twitter, even in tech (that includes many of my former colleagues at companies like Apple, Google etc!). This subject has been discussed a lot, but Twitter IS intimidating and it can be time consuming. Forereads gives you access to Twitter’s tremendous power even if you are not a user. You just need to know what you are interested in and Forereads does the rest. For example, a lot of effort goes into finding the right experts (I am using the same algorithm I developed for So it's fine if you don' t know who are some top AI researchers for instance. In addition, for each article, Forereads will show its original “context”: what did these experts say when they shared an article? What does this add to my understanding? These “short analyses” become really helpful once you get into the rhythm of using them. So in short: - if you are a pro Twitter user, Nuzzel is the way to go - if you are not a Twitter user or just a light user, I think you’ll love what Forereads can provide: the power of Twitter, no effort required :-).
guillaume cabane
guillaume cabane@guillaumecabane · Growth Advisor | Speaker
I've used them all from RSS readers like Feedly to Nuzzel and Apple news. Well congrats to @cam_pj for pulling this one, because it really tops the category in helping me get the content I WANT to read.