ClassPass for golf courses 🏌

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Hello PH Community, I wanted to shed some light on how Forelinx was conceived. The inspiration came from two businesses, the Colorado all Mountain Ski pass and Classpass. Both of these businesses found a simple a way to take expiring inventory and package it into a user friendly subscription. Golf Course's have tons of excess inventory and leverage third party sites like Groupon, UnderPar and GolfNow to drive volume, but the golf course operators don't realize that these sites negatively effect their business because they train the consumer (golfers) to be discounted focused. The perception of "market value" alters the consumers behavior to only utilize the third party sites searching for discounts, making the golf course's website irrelevant and non competitive. Forelinx is a win-win for both the golfer and golf course operator. Forelinx is the first multi-course points based membership. With Forelinx members get access to a growing network of courses and thousands of prime tee times. Green fees and cart fees are included with each reservation and unused points roll over each month. Memberships are month to month membership can be canceled anytime. The vision for Forelinx is to make golf more affordable and accessible for everyone.
Ever since I moved to the bay area from San Diego, I've been looking for membership service similar to JC golf. Looks like Forelinx takes it one step further by offering courses in multiple cities. When do you plan to add courses in the bay area closer to the peninsula and south bay?
@rudyswen :: We have one sales rep knocking on doors as I type this. Hopefully within 3-5 weeks we will push a few new courses live.