Elegant and simple, but yet another weather app

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Hey Product Hunters, you might be wondering: why another weather app? Why not? The design is beautiful and it's definitely something that me and @dennyshess love using. You can see all the important things without any effort. If you want more information just swipe right and you can see more details about the day. Swipe left and you get more information about the week. The truth is that we built it for ourselves, but if more people like it and want to use it, that's great! We will keep getting feedback and we will improve the app. And if you are looking for a unique selling point... there isn't one. THE STORY BEHIND FORECAST One day in October I was browsing @dennyshess Dribbble Portfolio (friend and ex-colleague from our Fantasy Interactive days) and I noticed a beautiful weather app concept that he has designed. So I reached out to him and asked him if he was interested in building it for real. He agreed and that's how it all started. Dennys lives in Hong Kong and I live in Stockholm. Because of the distance and time difference we needed to find some tools that would make our collaboration easier. We used Slack, Skype and Twitter as our main communication tools. We also used InVision for sharing design assets and for building the first prototype so that we could see how the app would feel before writing any code. For managing the work we used Asana and for out beta testing we've been releasing the app to a small set of friends via Twitter's Finally, for our user testing sessions, that were handled by @VickyKarponi, we used Loopback. We also conducted interviews and observations of users. We hope that you will like it! - The Forecast Team
I still don't get it. I never invest much time in looking at the weather. Quick check on my phone and out the window is all I need. I couldn't see me racking up serious minutes in a weather app. Granted that you understand it's just another weather app @72lions & @dennyshess and quite like that you just don't care, you wanted one that looked like this so you built it! Kudos haha :)
@bentossell you are absolutely right. Weather apps aren't build for people to spend more than a few seconds on them. And that's only if you care for the weather. Some great feedback that we got was from parents, who told us that it's so easy to see when it's going to rain so that they know how to dress their children. Another feedback that we got was that people didn't want to put any effort into figuring out how the weather was going to be during the day and that's why they liked our app. For me and @dennyshess it was a fun project and to be honest, it covered our user goals. But we were happy that more people found it useful.
@72lions that's awesome :) but yeah, for me - weather apps are not a focus... I know some people find great value in them of course!
The app is stunningly beautiful in my opinion. My only issue is that I can't switch to Fahrenheit and it took quite a while to load initially but I'm sure that'll be fixed at some point. If nothing else, I have some more eye candy to share with my designer friends. Good job!
@danielcondra sorry to hear about the Fahrenheit problem. It probably couldn't get the data after you changed to F in settings so it didn't refresh the views. We will improve that flow. In the meantime can you try again? Also, when it takes a while to load is usually because the GPS signal isn't good or the Internet connection isn't good
@72lions Got it. Either the settings button wasn't there when I opened the app the first time or I just completely missed it. Loving the different color schemes! They really gives off a classy vibe.
Very beautiful app and love that you guys dared to go with a serif font, and you definitely pulled it off. Very nice color palette too!
@blixt thank you! Glad you like it!
Looks so beautiful, good work.