Introducing the new visual perspective on your schedule

Powered by AI, Forecast is supporting your work process with a project and resource management platform. With the new and improved scheduling, you'll have an all-encompassing overview that ensures you meet your deadlines. Feel empowered with the work you do with a fully utilized team.

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Hi Hunters and Makers! We believe that resource management can be flexible with all your resources and projects connected. Scheduling is all about making sure your projects are delivered on time, with the right team to finish the job. πŸš€ There is no need to have frustrated or over or under allocated team members. Allocate everyone on your team correctly, whether they work remotely or across offices. 😎 Scheduling and allocating made easy - it is possible. Send us some love! πŸ™Œ
The UI looks really neat. Good job guys. Congratulations on the successful launch!

We have used the product for a month now, and we are really happy with it. It makes it easier to connect what my teams are doing right now, when we will be done, when users are free: all in all to start up the next projects we will be working on in an efficient way.


Really helpful in resource management, gives a good overview, strong connection between overview and what people do


Takes some time to learn