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#3 Product of the DayJune 30, 2019
For Sale By Maker is a free service, a better marketplace for makers looking to sell their projects, and buyers interested in buying high quality projects.
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For Sale By Maker was my second entry in the recent Makers Festival. I'd already done the bulk of work on Maker Network and after deciding to move my blog from Medium for something self hosted I decided to write about my process of building an MVP. So I wrote about this idea for a marketplace for selling projects on Practical MVP: As a maker who's built a lot of projects I've also sold a few of them. The process has left a lot to desired. More about that in this post. The main idea was to use Product Hunt as a filtering mechanism, only listing projects that were featured on Product Hunt to easily maintain a level of quality not found in most other marketplaces. If you have a project that was featured on Product Hunt and are thinking about selling would be great if you gave For Sale By Maker a try. It's free to list your project and always will be!
Congrats on the launch @mubashariqbal I launched Soochi¹ back in 2017, which was based on the same concept. The problem that I had at the time was: Buyers were only interested to buy money-making projects, and makes didn't want to sell anything that made them money. Do you think that mindset has changed now? ¹
@parasharanmol Interesting don't remember seeing Soochi before. I think people have been revenue as a way to measure the quality of the project with no other way to do that from the listing on the marketplaces. I do think the mindset overall has changed. I know of a few project that have sold with no revenue because people saw the potential of the semi-finished projects (happened for me once too). Also I think people are being more reasonable on the price (both buyers and sellers) they expect to see a transaction happen at.
@mubashariqbal I think most buyers see revenue as a proof of concept, but I agree that some people (including me) are open to buying no-revenue products if they seem like a good fit. Best of luck with the site. I'll be on the lookout for products!
Congrats on the launch dude @mubashariqbal, I think creating monthly/bi weekly updates on Indiehackers would be a good way to get a consistent supply of projects for sale.
@aaron_kazah One of the reasons I ended up building the project was because of the Practical MVP blog. I'm hoping to reach out to people who had their projects featured on Product Hunt 1 year ago to see what their project looks like now and what it looked like at launch. Figured some of those people would be interested in selling 😀
I will check it soon.
@ynehoroshkin Thanks, look forward to hearing what you think.
Congrats on the launch @mubashariqbal great idea for people looking to get into a project without having to start from zero.