Order tees. Refresh whenever. We handle the rest.

#2 Product of the DayNovember 17, 2018

Pick your tees. Get your tees. Refresh anytime.

We recycle everything you send back to us.

So simple, it's stupid.

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108 dollars a year and 8 dollars to change it? You can get an organic tshirt for 8 dollars without the 108 dollars membership
@imromains for 3 tshirts at a time, or $36 per t shirt. If you were to change one of them 2 times, that would be about $17 per t shirt. ($36 + 16)/3 For me that's about what I normally pay (but I hold on to longer than a few months). Even at $36, it's not totally crazy when you consider Nordstrom sells some $50 - $60 t-shirts, so some folks out there are buying them. The shirts are usually thicker and softer. I don't know how quality these tshirts actually are. No free trial to see though :/.
@imromains it's not per year, it's just once. it's more of an investment and makes the price much cheaper in the long run.
"We handle the rest", what do you handle? 😆
$38 for 1 t-shirt?
I loved this concept and signed up at launch, but then they changed their business model. Originally it was a flat monthly fee to exchange any shirt at any time. Now it’s an annual membership + $8 every time you want to refresh a shirt. This makes it far more costlier and less appealing for me unfortunately. I do like the quality of the shirts (although I’m 6’2” and found them a bit short) and the concept of reducing waste, but the new business model just doesn’t make $ sense for me.
@kessler you only have to pay the membership fee once.
it's a membership for t-shirts!!