Footpath 4

Map routes with your finger, get turn-by-turn directions

Map routes with your finger and Footpath will snap to roads and trails. Quickly plan out your perfect route, then navigate along with turn-by-turn audio directions.
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👋 Hey Product Hunt, I created Footpath back in 2013 looking for ways to create custom running and cycling routes on the go. Since then, half a million runners, walkers, cyclists, and motorists have been using Footpath to map out their own custom routes all over the world. Today, I'm excited to finally introduce turn-by-turn audio navigation—by far Footpath’s most requested feature. It’s designed from the ground up for pedestrians and cyclists, and it also makes Footpath the first navigation app designed for AirPods: just double-tap your AirPods (or use the playback button on your headphones) for on-demand audio cues that tell you when and where to turn next. I hope Footpath’s new navigation features empower you to get out and explore more of the world around you. Feel free to ask me anything!
@ericrwolfe thank you! Been looking for this for so long. I like running and cycling in new areas but hate worrying taking wrong turns.
I'm a huge fan of Footpath (and @ericrwolfe's other work). Footpath lets me get from a rough idea for a hike or ride to route to turn-by-turn navigation in seconds. Try it.
@pveugen Thanks for the hunt Paul!
Love this app. Looking forward to trying the new release!
Very happy to see this release come out of beta. I've used Footpath for years to plan bicycle tours and hikes–it's by far the best detailed route planning software with comprehensive trail paths. Navigation was *the* feature missing to make it a complete tool for me. Thanks Footpath!
@bloudermilk Thanks for the support. Your bike trip from Vancouver down to San Francisco was one of my primary design use cases for the new turn-by-turn navigation features. 🚴‍♂️💨
This is awesome. I'm looking forward to this. I was a bit on the fence about buying AirPods but tbh I'm going to buy some literally right now.
@roderic on-demand cues work with regular headphones and on speaker—just press your headphone's play/pause button or double-tap the screen. But if you're already in the market for AirPods, I can't really stop you 😂.