SoundCloud-style time-tied comments for youtube

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Matt Hamlin@immatthamlin · Web Developer at Wayfair
This feels like what all comments should look like on any content platform (audio and video being the key content types). Being able to comment on a select part of a song, a podcast, or a video just makes sense. I agree that sometimes people want to comment on the content as a whole but FootNotes feels like how comments should work for the most part.
Andrew Hoskins@arhhoskins · Student at UAlberta
@immatthamlin I agree. I think normal comments can still be valuable, but annotation-like comments should really be getting more attention. Things like Genius's annotator are really cool to see:
Andrew Hoskins@arhhoskins · Student at UAlberta
Hi, I'm the creator of FootNotes - I initially made it at a Hackathon a few weeks ago. It's a proof of concept for now (not secure, might have bugs or usability issues), but I would love suggestions and feedback!
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
@arhhoskins Hi Andrew, the link is not working. Can I see it anywhere online?
Andrew Hoskins@arhhoskins · Student at UAlberta
@damjanski Sorry, it was linking to Github and I've recently made it private. Here's a link to it on the chrome web store. The version up on the store is functional.