Foot Cardigan

Fantastic socks delivered to your mailbox every month

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Hey everyone! Bryan from Foot Cardigan here. We make socks and they're pretty rad. You don't have to go to the store to buy your socks because we'll deliver them right to your mailbox every month. How 'bout them apples? Oh, and we ship anywhere in the world for $2. And yes, I'm wearing a girl scout uniform. Deal with it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
"For just $9 a month, we’ll send you a new pair of delightfully unique socks. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. Even more delightful? You don’t get to choose what pair you get! Think of it this way: you get to play the sock lottery and win every time. Our scientific sock selection process guarantees an instant conversation starter will always be conveniently located just below your knees."
@nikkielizdemere thanks Nichole!
Thanks for sharing
I'm a long time customer of foot cardigan. The socks are great, but they also create an experience. My family loves when the FC package arrives and they excitedly watch with anticipation to see the new fun design for that month. They also make great gifts; I receive texts every month from people I've bought them for thanking me. I've never seen Brian in his infamous Girl Scout outfit, but I hear if you buy enough socks he shows up personally to deliver your socks to you. Fingers crossed!
@knickkennedy I'll show up to your house in my outfit even if you don't order ;)
I wear Foot Cardigan socks all the time. I also sell Foot Cardigan socks at Need ( I also buy Foot Cardigan gift subscriptions for my family members. So, I heartily endorse this team, product, and girl scout outfit.
@mattalexand an endorsement from you is like the pope endorsing a pope mobile, so thank you.
The styling and language choices on the page are great. Love the tone of it.
@tweetanor I just tweeted how they're the perfect example of how great brand personality can sell a product.