Customer communication & team collaboration platform

A Customer communication & team collaboration platform, built for brick & mortar businesses. Foore supports SMS, website chat, Facebook and voice channels.
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Hello PH! I'm CEO at Foore and excited to launch our product here! Foore is built for Brick and mortar businesses with the concept of businesses' physical location built into every aspect of the product. A lot of great companies are solving customer communication problem for internet-based businesses and Foore does this better for physical location-based businesses. You will love Foore for following features - 1) Google listing type store creation to automate customer queries around store location, timings, products, offers. This automates up to 40% of customer queries on Facebook and website widget πŸ‘πŸ‘ 2) One-click automation (πŸ•ΆοΈ) of common flows like booking appointments, getting customer feedback, sending appointment reminders, escalation of issues, etc. 3) Backup Receptionist to automate missed call (πŸ“ž) to appointment conversions. Never miss a call anymore! 4) Integrated SMS and website chat so that all your communication happens at one place. 5) you can add teammates and make sure that customers are always taken care of, as a team πŸ‘₯πŸ‘₯ 6) You will love Foore at the more if your business has multiple locations as communication for all those stores can be managed from one single platform. We are giving away one month free paid subscription ($8) for customers referred from Product hunt just Sign up and let us know that you came via PH πŸ’πŸ’ I will be happy to receive some feedback and answer your questions.
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@mahorir Hey great product, so just wanting to learn more about it. We have a business but just one location, but we are an event business that does events all over the world. Is this something that might work, or is it more for brick and mortar.?
@drew_dunn1 Foore's differentiator is the inbuilt concept of physical location of stores. This is what sets us apart from products like zendesk and freshworks. If the information about events changes based on the location of events then Foore is for you. Foore will automatically show people events nearest to there physical location and can automate answering such queries. Though this is made with brick and mortar stores in mind, i have a feeling this may work for you. I would be happy to work with you on the setup via in-app chat help :)
@mahorir Very cool. Tomorrow I will look into it then get back to you. Yeah I would love to see if it works. Could help us a lot. Thanks

I got in touch with Ravinder and he made sure that we use this product. Initially the product wasn't as smooth as it is now but withing few months, they have drastically improved the product and now I can't think of my day without Foore.


1. Built for beauty & wellness industry. 2. Backup receptionist & appointment bot are amazing. 3. Affordable pricing


Can't find any but as suggested by someone else, a mobile app can be revolutionary.

@syd_bakshi Thanks for the kind words and super thanks for sticking by through all those bugs :)

I would recommend all the salons and spas to try out Foore to communicate with their customers.


Complete solution for customer engagement for beauty and wellness businesses


No 24/7 live support as of now.

I have used Foore for the salon chain that I manage. It has helped me save my time and I was able to reach out to my customers directly on Facebook messenger, getting me more conversions. The recently launched 'Team Collaboration' feature was everything that I was looking for. Using Slack was really challenging for our staff and with this new 'Team Collaboration' feature, now our team doesn't need to open another tab on the broswer. Pros: 1. Instant Facebook automation. 2. In love with the Appointment bot. Now my customers don't need to call us for appointment. They do it right from their Facebook messenger. 3. Feedback bot helps me get Feedback of my customers. I dont need to spam my customers for getting feedback. 4. Backup receptionist that handles all the missed calls or calls that we receive when the Salon is closed. Cons: The only thing that I have experienced till now is that there is no mobile app. Wish they release it soon.
@nikita_bhatia You read my mind. This is exactly what I feel about this product. And yes, a mobile app can really make things even better.
@syd_bakshi Glad to find like minded people here on Product Hunt.
Great Products.. Excellent service level