Tinder for Restaurants

Girlfriend: I'm Hungry!
Me: Where do you want to eat?
Girlfriend: Anywhere.
Me: Pollo Inka ( Peruvian)
Girlfriend: Noo, pick somewhere else
Me: Mexican?
Repeat four more times ...
Me: πŸ€”, I can probably make an app for this
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Hey Guys! Fooodie helps you discover new places around you in a fun way! It also helps you decide between restaurants if you are still indecisive. You can set your preferences and find cool spots around you by swiping right!
@jorde_guevara Love the concept!
@yitzy_n thanks! Thanks! I am still working to improve on it and make it a great platform for interaction between restaurants and foodies
Hey @jorde_guevara, great product! Do expand it to include restaurants across the globe
@rebecca_ferrao Thanks! Yes it will be open to restaurants across 32 countries soon
@jorde_guevara love the app and did a review on it. I hope it helps. Link to follow, I have to put some finishing touches on the page, but here is the video part. This is my very first review, so I hope you like it! Hope to do this on a daily basis for Product Hunt apps - constructive and professional feedback only for every review!
@steve_connerton1 Wow, Steve, thanks for the feedback! I am glad you enjoyed Fooodie! There is a lot of room to grow, and I appreciate that you were thorough in your review. I am excited to see where you go with your video reviews. Not sure if you plan on making the reviews a service, but that would be an interesting product itself. Keep up the excellent work!
@jorde_guevara Agreed, gotta earn some clout and give some really good reviews before I considering that, but in all honesty, I just want to help people and earn myself some SEO juice with the venture.
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Review on this product that I mentioned earlier. https://producthunt.catalystwebs...
Nice little app, except that the performances are poor and the UI isn't very attractive. Other than that, why having limited the availability of the app to the US only? I couldn't download it from my French App Store account.
@akdm_ Hey Anthony, Thanks for the feedback! I am actively working on improving the UI and performance. Which device are you on? I noticed you are a maker. I am using React Native; the animations are a bit heavy on android devices, so I am reimplementing them to make them smoother. As for being the US only, it will be rolled out to major cities in 32 other countries soon. I appreciate your insight πŸ˜€