Fooji App

Rewarding fans for interacting with their favorite brands

The Fooji App is the first app of its kind that enables fans to receive physical experiences delivered instantly from the world’s largest brands. Redeeming an experience delivered on-demand is as easy as engaging with your favorite brands on social.

  • Shelby Williams
    Shelby WilliamsBrand Planner at Twitter

    Free food and products. Great for trying out new products


    Sells out fast, have faced delivery issues in the past

    I've been a huge fan of Fooji's products and activations in the past and am very excited to see how they'll be able to expand their vision through this app! Looks great so far.

    Shelby Williams has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Free food and products from movies/shows. Interaction with drones and characters.


    Not always available in my area.

    I've used fooji for a little over a year and the promotions have always been interesting whether it's by drone or character from the promo comes to your door.

    Janel ♡♥ has used this product for one year.
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Gregg Morton
Gregg MortonMaker@greggmorton · Founder/CEO, Fooji
Hi Product Hunt! This is a very exciting day for the company. As some of you remember, Fooji launched in 2015 as a fun way to order food with emojis. Shortly after, we pivoted to become the first and only scalable experiential marketing platform, connecting fans to their favorite brands through on-demand experiences. To date, we’ve delivered a little bit of everything - custom Disney merchandise, perfect Patron margarita kits, and even pizzas via drone from Sliceline for HBO's Silicon Valley. Now, we’ve launched the Fooji App! With the app, fans are able to participate in promotions easier than ever. Users can earn coins and trophies to further reward participation beyond just physical deliveries (more info on the coins coming soon). Additionally, users can subscribe to promotions, which will notify them with promo details and allow for exclusive giveaways that non-users won't be able to see. Next up, we’ve set our sights on building even more engaging features within the app. We’re really excited to show you this product and appreciate all feedback. Thanks again for checking out the newest phase of our company - we wouldn’t be here without all the love and support of the PH community! Gregg Morton Co-Founder & CEO
Andrew Savitz
Andrew Savitz@savitzaw · CEO, Hive App
Im in love 😍 - nice work Fooji
Ethan Helhowski
Ethan Helhowski@ethanhelhowski
What's next? I have a lit points on the Fooji app