Order food by tweeting an emoji (really, in NY only)

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This is ridiculous and awesome. πŸ”πŸ‘…πŸ­
Thanks Ryan! We were trying to solve for the 'Netflix syndrome' of food delivery. Tons of options and indecision when you're ordering for an office of people.
@greggmorton but what if you want tacos? There's no taco emoji. 😞
@rrhoover - Yeah, we share your frustration πŸ˜”. we are using 🌡 as a stop gap until the new unicode emojis hit (September-ish).
@greggmorton @rrhoover How do I add bacon onto my other items without a bacon emoji? πŸ·πŸ½πŸ– all make things a bit too real…
@scottmeinzer @rrhoover Haha, having the visual does make you stop and think a bit 😯...We don't support combo emojis as of yet - looking to do this soon. We do the curation, front-to-back - not only the restaurant, but the menu item and toppings/setup; focusing on the top/most ordered items from each restaurant.
Have you ever had one of those days when you were incredibly hungry but didn't feel like taking the time to order food? Fooji is the perfect solution! Tweet an emoji of the food your craving and Fooji delivers it from the nearest, top-rated restaurant, all for just $15. Erik and Gregg are awesome guys and I have no doubt Fooji will be a success.
@bryan_weis - thanks a ton for the support! Can't thank you enough. We look forward to getting out to SF very soon πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ‰
so you're telling me if I tweeted a burger emoji right now in the middle of nowhere in Germany I would get a Burger delivered to me? I doubt it...
@sleinadsanoj - not quite. We wish we could make it THAT simple. It is simple in that you create an account one-time with your delivery and payment info. Once setup, you can tweet us the emoji you're craving and we will get it to you for $15 flat. Currently we support Manhattan. Expanding soon. Thanks for the support!
@greggmorton @sleinadsanoj I like the idea, if I happen to visit New York anytime soon I'll be sure to try it out. :)
@sleinadsanoj - awesome. Can't wait to serve you. Thanks again!
Such a brilliant idea! Just for fun, if you had plans to move to other cities other than NYC where do you think you would head next? Wish you could bring this to Nashville.
Hey @jonathanburdon - thanks for the support! We want to show some love to the west coast, so SF is very interesting in the short-term (very short-term). Nashville is up there on the list. Have had a fair amount of requests from Music City!
@greggmorton @jonathanburdon - Interesting, I could definitely see this going very well in SF.
When you say NYC, is it Manhattan or everywhere?
Hey @kicksopenminds! Manhattan specifically. We are working to expand to other boroughs soon (no sleep 'til Brooklyn 😎...).