Measure nutrition in a snap!

Take a picture of your meal and Foodzilla instantly detects ingredients and measures calories including nutritional value such as carbs (including sugar), fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. It's the supercharged version of the SeeFood app from Silicon Valley.

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Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹, My name is Mido and I'm the founder of Foodzilla. Thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt. The problem Foodzilla is trying to solve is understanding the nutritional value of your meals in an easy and fun way. All you have to do is take a picture of your meal and nutrition data show up. I'll be here for any questions, concerns or suggestions.
Hi, how accurate it is? (Ingredient detection & portion sizes)
@jbpdempsey Hi Joe, great question. Most ingredients are detected correctly however it could fail to detect things that are hard to see such as oil for example. As for portions, I've used a default portion size for each type of ingredient based on internet data but the user can adjust the portions as shown in the video.
Looks awesome, any chance an Android version is in the works?
@overeasyplease Yes, working on an Android version. Cheers.
This looks super interesting! having a monthly breakdown of your nutrition would be so useful and good for your health.
@willam_woodhead Hi William, yes a monthly breakdown is in the works. The data is there I just need to plot it in a graph :D. Thanks for the suggestion.
How is this different from Bitesnap?
Hi @jasonleibowitz, great question. There are few differences between the two. First, Bitesnap isn't available outside US/Canada, Foodzilla is available worldwide. Second, Bitesnap is focused on being a Food Journal/Logger, Foodzilla focuses on educating users about their food and sharing their delicious meals with others. Finally, the premium plans offered in Foodzilla are the most affordable compared to all health apps that provide similar features (e.g. macronutrients tracking using AI).