A simple food and symptom diary app to track diet issues

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Hi, I am the developer and everybody else of Foody. I’d like to share a few details about what it is about why I have created the app. Foody is a personal diary to keep track of meals, drinks and symptoms in order to understand health issues you may experience from your diet. I built it as my girlfriend was asked to do such a diary by her doctor and she could not find an app to do it on her iPhone. Most apps she tried were about counting calories, which would require here to enter cumbersome details. While Foody has some abilities to filter the diary, it's main focus is on ease of use for entering foods and symptoms. While adding new entries the app suggests common values learned from the previous entered data. As Foody only learns form your own personal data, the fit your diet and symptoms very well, which makes adding new entries super fast after some time. As mentioned Foody as a filter to analysis the symptoms for checking your own suspicions. However, coming from my girlfriends use case it is actually more important to share the diary with the doctor or nutritionist. Therefor Foody has a PDF export to just print everything or a CSV export, which even allows analysing it with your favourite spreadsheet software. I am looking forward to read what you think about it.
Looks great, thanks for this.
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