Get instant nutritional facts from pictures of your food 📷

Take a picture of your food and get the nutritional facts analyzed instantaneously.

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  • Antoine Beauvillain
    Antoine BeauvillainDesign student & freelance, Photo fan

    Nice UI and ease of use


    Still growing so you may have to help the app a bit from time to time (although it gets better every time)

    A great food-logging app to keep track of what you're eating (and how to adapt it according to your goals). Great UI and you'll love Guakka! ;)

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"see food" is real!
@tonycarreon best name suggestion I've seen :)
@calvinchu6, @tonycarreon is referring to an app in HBO's Silicon Valley. Likely why that isn't the name of this app. :-)
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@tonycarreon @smithva haha yes, was just funny still~
Great job !! This looks good !! Does it come for iOS ?
Just tried peanut butter, honey, banana slices, on whole wheat. Took me about 15 minutes. Suggest having way to pre-select ingredients and then drag them on to image. Also measurements are not consistent. Honey can be measured in tsp but peanut butter in ounces. I would add Tbsp to the option. Nice job.
@rmagrino what about the rest of the world that uses metric?
Wow great concept! Good use of deep learning! :D
Okay, I actually know a lot of people who are on crazy diets who would love a calorie counter like this on their phone so that they don't have to pull out the information from the internet while they're out for a meal. The problem with apps like this that are already available is that their information is not really complete for all the foods that there are. Likely you'll have to keep adding items as you discover more cuisine!