Get instant nutritional facts from pictures of your food πŸ“·

Take a picture of your food and get the nutritional facts analyzed instantaneously.

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6 Reviews5.0/5

A great food-logging app to keep track of what you're eating (and how to adapt it according to your goals). Great UI and you'll love Guakka! ;)


Nice UI and ease of use


Still growing so you may have to help the app a bit from time to time (although it gets better every time)

"see food" is real!
@tonycarreon best name suggestion I've seen :)
@calvinchu6, @tonycarreon is referring to an app in HBO's Silicon Valley. Likely why that isn't the name of this app. :-)
@tonycarreon @smithva haha yes, was just funny still~
Great job !! This looks good !! Does it come for iOS ?
Just tried peanut butter, honey, banana slices, on whole wheat. Took me about 15 minutes. Suggest having way to pre-select ingredients and then drag them on to image. Also measurements are not consistent. Honey can be measured in tsp but peanut butter in ounces. I would add Tbsp to the option. Nice job.
@rmagrino what about the rest of the world that uses metric?
Wow great concept! Good use of deep learning! :D