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Deliveroo is taking off massively in the UK and Europe (I believe).... its shaken up the competitors like HungryHouse/Just-Eat etc - It's a very competitive marketspace, how do you aim to compete?
@bentossell You can think of Foodswiper as an Instagram with an "order this for delivery" button in each pic. Deliveroo is all about the logistics, getting quality fast (at a premium cost). So I believe there are a couple of differences that certain users may find more appealing in one app or another
@foodswiperuk Ok, so what is your perfect user profile? I imagine most people wanting a takeaway want quality, reliability, and speed. So I'm just wondering what success looks like for you here? Have you seen those 30s ads on Facebook on how to make certain recipes? Theres been loads recently. Creating similar style content on FB and Instagram may be a good way to go with marketing Foodswiper :) After watching those videos, if I could click "Order Now" at the end - that would be amazing!
@bentossell Everyone wants quality, reliability and speed. Our approach is, out of the thousands of meals available in the area we filter what you want now. You can search "chicken pizza" and see pictures of all the chicken pizzas around. It's all about presenting the data in an efficient and customised view for each user, since we all have different taste. It's all about "eating with your eyes", we were actually thinking on doing something similar to what you mention, creating appealing visual content to make viewers hungry, then have the order now button. We'll see how it goes.
@foodswiperuk yeh. Unfortunately lots of places where they show pictures the food looks nothing like it. Is there a review system that accounts for this situation?
@bentossell You are totally right. That's why we're making an effort to only show real pictures. This means rejecting some restaurant partnerships when they are providing "generic big mac" pictures, but it's all to keep the content consistent and of quality. Perhaps in the future we will think about a larger scale solution, such as hiring professional photographers, but atm there are many great takeaways in London with nice pictures
Food delivery is a commodotized non-sensible business to fund with VC-Money-Returns expectations... I highly recommend stacking the funnel and doing aggressive cold outbound without paying for ads or doing referral campaigns. Growing without those two is the real hack/measure of resourcefulness in this space.
How it is different from uber for food delivery except the UI as a difference? Who is ur competitor?