Baking kits for you to enjoy with your family

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Mmm. Like Birchbox for baking. Looks like fun.
Honestly trying to understand the market for this one (which I think means I like it?). So is this "A healthy baking activity you can share with your kids" or a "we search for the healthy ingredients for individual recipes so you don't have to"? As a parent myself, I am concerned w/ ingredients that go into my child. However, most of the featured baking products are sweets. So that means I want unbleached flour and no GMO, but I don't mind giving them 600 calories before dinner. Also, I'll be honest, ghost sugar cookies for $24 dollar seems awfully expensive (for a single order). Feels more of a gift idea then a, "Hey I want to plan out my Saturday afternoon w/ my kids a 2-4 business days in advance." Maybe just food for thought