Tinder meets Uber for food delivery

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Henry S
Henry here form Foodnow. Thanks for the feedback and for sharing. FoodNow is all about simplicity. Think Yo for Food Delivery. Get food with one tap. There's no signups, no min deliveries, no price comparison, no long list of menus items, no searching - just the best meals nearby. Essentially, it removes the paradox of choice that makes GrubHub, Seamless overwhelming and confusing to use (ie, you have to browse through hundreds of restaurants, looking at reviews, ratings, etc before actually choosing something). Give the app a spin and we'd love your feedback. We also plan on expanding to nationwide coverage very shortly. Cheers, Henry
Greg Cohn
Co-Founder & CEO, Burner
@henrythe9ths great idea, would be nice if you indicated delivery availability on your website. fwiw probably better to disclose and collect emails for notification, vs. have people download and then delete, in terms of growth.
Sam Biddlesenior writer, gawker
Is this piggybacking on Seamless or something? Who's doing the deliveries?
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Looks like we have another addition to the Tinder for X AND Uber of X collections. :)
Dave Ambrose
Seed Software Investor
Only available in New York City currently but the experience is very fast, w. dishes pre-selected at a set price and surfaced in the nearby area. I'm not sure if diners tend to be adventures w. their food options but I could see myself being a regular when I'm out of options for dinner and can't come up w. ideas. Also reminds of me a very early hunt, GoDish (, which is available in SF. cc @ryanajon1
Vitaliy VerbenkoRegular Canadian guy
So this includes delivery charges and tip & tax? If the price is final it's great tool that really minimizes questions down the road... Too bad it's only for NYC
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