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FoodNoms is a new app for iPhone and iPad designed to make food tracking easier and more rewarding. Built for speed, simplicity, and to protect your privacy. No signup required.
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Hi Product Hunt! I'm an independent developer and maker of FoodNoms. My mission with FoodNoms is to help more people reach their fitness goals by making food tracking easier and more rewarding. Over the past few years, I've been more focused on my health and fitness. I've made a lot of progress thanks to the Apple Watch and a few great apps. I've come to realize how critical nutrition is to meeting fitness goals; that's why I started tracking what I eat. However, I never found a food tracking app that I really enjoyed using, with issues ranging from slow, confusing user interfaces to concerning privacy practices. With the first version of FoodNoms, I take the first steps towards this mission with several innovative features – like the ability to record accuracy, a realtime nutrition label scanner, and tight integration with the iOS Health and Shortcuts apps. I've been blown away with the feedback I've received so far, and hoping to hear from more perspectives here on Product Hunt. I'll also be online to answer any questions about the app or how I built it, so please ask away!
Fantastic product! Way easier to use than MyFitnessPal. I do wish there was a way to input my daily multivitamins though.
@jasonmarkbeaton Thanks, Jason! I agree – I take a multi-vitamin and other supplements daily, and I would like an easier way to track them. I have several features on my roadmap that will help (more goal types and supporting vitamins/minerals in the nutrition label scanner to start)
This is the best looking food/calorie tracker I've seen, the only thing putting me off using the app is support for UK/EU food items in the database search – hope that's somewhere in the backlog! :)
@iamsebj Hey Seb. Thanks! Improved search results for other countries is going to be a huge project, but it's on the roadmap!
Is there any plans for a different nutritional database? The app is wonderful but the nutritional database is really lacking. I’d be willing to pay extra to use Nutritionix’s database. Also is net carb goals on the roadmap? Thanks for a great app!
@ds35 Net carbs is on the short-term roadmap as it's a popular request. Improvements to the food database are also planned. Thanks for the feedback!
Your app looks so awesome! Love the minimal design with the nice colors and the ability to scan nutritional labels (such a no brainer but I haven't seen any app do that before)! Will you please please please make and Android version though? :(