Food tracking made simple and fun

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I'd love to find a food app that actually has great design and is easy to use. This one looked like it could be just that, but no iOS Health support makes this a no go for me. I have this app that centralises all my other health sources, I do not want to look at my food results in a seperate app.
@thibmaekelbergh Working on that, but with HealthKit you need a solid privacy policy. I've read this weekend. I was actually afraid that people will be scared of intrusion into HealthKit. Thanks for the feedback.
@thibmaekelbergh That was the idea behind it. A simple nice app that does JUST that and pushes stuff to HealthKit.
@alexbuga I installed it either way and going to see if I can stick to it. If this has Healthkit, I'll probably never use anything else again.
@thibmaekelbergh Hey man, version 1.0.2 is waiting for review in the AppStore. Guess what? You can push your meals into HealthKit :) It's quite neat. I use it too.
@alexbuga - Along with having a solid Privacy Policy, don't do like 'some' App creators/companies do and forget about support, privacy, terms etc your website is at the moment the app icon, a background pattern/image and the Get it on the App Store image... There is NOTHING about you, your company [if you have one - nothing wrong if you don't], FAQ, Support mechanism [Intercom/Drift/etc], Privacy Policy, Data Handling [storing/encryption] policy, Legal Disclaimer... basically nothing that makes the person feel safe/good about you/your company... and that's really important especially these days. [for work I'm a Customer Experience Director so yes, I view things from that mindset but it's really important]. Great product so far, keep up the good work and would love to see HealthKit support as well...
@exlemor website is wip. I had to write it do they approve the app.
@exlemor also there's an about me in the app :) click the small AB logo. Will do a cool website like I have for Thanks for the feedback
@alexbuga I think by wip - you mean 'work in progress'? - It's great that you have a page but it's not linked from the home page so it might as well not exist - [aside from the fact that that's not a Privacy Policy] - Also, storing anything with Google and claiming that your data is very important to us is a bit of a oxymoron :/ i'm sorry but wip does not mean doing things in the wrong order ;) nor does it excuse not having a support system in place... I know I sound so mean :/ but I'm not... (hug)
@exlemor if you look on the app page these links are there. I'm sorry I know you're right but I'm just one guy working on this for about a year after work. I was very eager to get it out there. I'll launch the website soon. Also about the privacy policy. I'm not a lawyer. And trust me I've seen shorter ones :))
@alexbuga Most of what you are saying makes total sense... the part 'if you look on the app page these links are there. ' doesn't much because you have to build trust BEFORE someone will download an app... especially these days with people feeling overwhelmed with too many apps... you have to put all things related to trust on your side to make potential users feel happy/warm and fuzzy...