A 3D Food Printer designed for healthy eating

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If this doesn't get funded, I'm going to fund it myself. It's a printer that makes FOOD. Star Trek is here.
Mind blown. It's like Easy Bake Oven for adults. :)
Ehh step in the right direction maybe but if I have to prep and cook all the food then this is more of a glorified plating machine more suited to high-end restaurants.
Scott - You don't have a kid who only eats one type of food in one shape. :) Rather than buy her the potato chips from the market that are filled with tons and tons of shit that's not good for her, I can print out her shape, her chip, from an actual potato. :)
@petershankman It doesn't look like it actually cooks anything so really you'd have load the ingredients, print it, transfer it to the oven, cook it, then feed your daughter. And that'll cost you $1,200 plus ingredients. At that price I think my kid will have to eat whatever shape I put on their plate.