Foodies: Recipe by ingredients

Search recipes by ingredients. Tons of recipes to choose.

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Oh man, I've been waiting for an app like this for so long. Most recipe apps (and cookbooks) approach the problem from a traditional "what do I *want* to make" standpoint, vs, what *can* I make with what I have. Wish there was an iOS version of this.
@ajsharp I am already working on an iOS version of this app. Will release soon.
This product was built out of pure necessity. One not-so-fine evening after my office hours I returned to my house just to realise the eatery I eat food from was closed! I had to cook! I had some items in the fridge but didn't know what to cook with them. So got this idea. Why not have my own app that shows me *what* I could cook with the items I have in my fridge! That lead to some development work and finally Foodies was born!