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You’ve heard about this restaurant for months. You’ve been looking forward to that dinner for days. When the food comes, it’s...average.

Foodetective is here to ensure this never happens to you again. You can always trust our Detectives, and this fact alone sets us apart from other review sites.

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How is this different to Foursquare?
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@hellotom You can book, order, take away and pay with Foodetective our OS system integrates all types of services directly in restaurant enabling them to reduce the number of tablets and app they have to use for their businesses + reviews are made by professionals.
How do I become a 🍜 detective?
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@hellotom With pleasure, I can send you our Foodetective School if you don't have an F&B profile
@magicdea yes please. 🍰 ✌

Foodetective is great when you want to eat somewhere you are for the first time, or just looking for good restaurant, bar etc. in your city.


Trustworthy restaurants reviews


For now only restaurants from bigger cities included, but the number of locations is still increasing

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@jhon_foster thanks a lot for your comment