Manage food better, reduce food waste and save money

FoodCache allows users to scan grocery receipts or manually add food items to create an inventory of their food supply. As food is eaten throughout the week, users can update their inventory to track what is left and what foods are thrown away. FoodCache brings a level of accountability to food shopping and aims to improve purchasing behavior, reduce waste, and save consumers money.

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Noticing how much food gets wasted in the household kitchens, forced me to look for solutions. Quickly realized this is a global problem with no integrated solution. Food Waste statistics in America and other developed countries were simply shocking. Considering wasted natural resources & energy that goes into producing & distributing food, also the environmental implications of wasted food, we passionate global team chose to launch this app as a start... We made this product with love on Planet Earth and hope you like it too...Please post your feedback and suggestions...
Very clever idea. Shame it’s only on the US App Store but I guess that’s to do with food databases.
@mattsmith4u Thank you Matt...with recent privacy policy concerns and noise we had to back out from releasing in other countries. Hope to release soon once dust settles and we have clear plan for privacy policy around data...
@mattsmith4u agree with Matt. Wouldve wanted to try it out. Not accessible in Sweden. It is a nice concept 😊👍🏼
@mattsmith4u agree with Matt. Wouldve wanted to try it out. Not accessible in Sweden. It is a nice concept 😊👍🏼
@mattsmith4u @max_angenius On side note, we will be very happy to send a Apple Testflight build in a few weeks and get feedback...we really could use some Beta users outside US.
@ushabhamidipati I have never had an Apple Test flight, that could be cool 🤓👌🏼 What does that mean? ☺️
It's a great idea. There's definitely tons of food waste out there, this will be useful to reduce it. Does the app also track expiry dates? That would be a cool addition.
@vthallam thank you. App definitely tracks recommended consumption date and sorts out food in that order in snapshot view of food available. We definitely believe in "What gets measured gets managed" and will help reduce food waste.
This is great to see. I really believe changing our behaviors towards food - especially food waste - will play a huge role in addressing climate change. An environmental advocacy group I founded - SEAL Awards - has been doing an interview series with emerging sustainability leaders. Artem / Usha / Gyam, if interested I can set up an interview for you? - Matt Examples of SEAL interviews:
@matthew_harney thank you very much. Absolutely would love to...please email us your info at to connect further.
@foodcacheapp @ushabhamidipati Will do. Looking forward to connecting.
Thanks god finally useful app on PH! 🙏🏻
@stevenjames Thank you for your kind words...