Food Genie

Let Food Genie solve the "where should we eat?" problem.

Let Food Genie help you solve the "where should we eat" problem. Get help deciding where to eat at the flick of your thumb. See new and familiar restaurants near you and get out of your culinary rut today! Food Genie randomly selects 6 restaurants nearby and you spin the Food Genie wheel and dinner is decided.

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Say goodbye to the "I don't know, what do you want?" moments of deciding where to eat. Using your location and Food Genie's algorithm it selects 20 restaurants in your area then puts randomly 6 on the Food Genie wheel. Give it a spin and you have a great restaurant to go eat at. Let Food Genie be your unbias third-party helping you decide where to eat. Download it today in the App Store and show some love on PH. Here for any questions. Thanks hunters!
@nickprkins Love the "Spin the wheel and let the RNG decide what to eat" concept. πŸ˜†
@jevinsew the spin combines your gesture with drag based on how fast you spin. No RNG used with the spin. Thanks for checking out Food Genie.
@nickprkins Nice :). I actually had a very similar concept several years ago, glad someone actually made it. I do have 1 recommendation from a UX perspective that I thought was the heart of my concept. I noticed that when discussing "where to eat" w/ my wife and friends, the conversation inevitably turned away from what you wanted to eat, and towards what you DIDN'T want to eat. It's never "OH I WANT TO EAT FRIED CHICKEN BECAUSE I KNOW I WANT IT RIGHT NOW". It's more like person A saying "how about fried chicken?", and person B says "Nah, I had that last night". A lot of times, conclusions were reached with the typical logic of "yeah, that sounds good, haven't had XX in awhile". Qualifying that always seemed to make the process not only go faster, but also concluded with a more satisfying decision, especially when groups are concerned. So I added this feature in my concept, to actually track and/or omit genres based on what you've eaten in the last couple days.
@wuss thanks for the info. The road map for Food Genie has something that should fit what you're suggesting. So keep an eye out. I appreciate you sharing your concept and idea Noah. Great stuff. Thanks for checking out my app.
@nickprkins hey man I'm working on something similar. Is it possible for us to chat sometime?
Thank you @nickprkins for tackling this problem πŸ™ "Where d'you wanna eat?" is probably one of the most annoying questions in the world while also being one of those omnipresent conundrums.
@katesegrin I tackled it back in 2002 but it wasn't accessible or as fun. Check out the story of Food Genie here.
amazing concept! just one question, why use Yelp and not Foursquare? πŸ€”
@orteipps because Yelp is reliable with restaurant data. More people use it as well it seems. Glad you like it.
Great app, dude. Really nice design and the idea is very smart. I think people are having trouble choosing anyway and it's annoying to spend time reading dozens of reviews and choose a restaurant when all you wanna do is eat :) It's also very helpful when you're traveling. I'm sure this app is gonna do great, congrats!
Love this! It's going to save me so many "Where do you want to eat?" --> "I don't care; where do you want to eat" --> "Wherever." conversations. So...when's it going to be ready for Android phones?
@adamvagley share it with all your iPhone friends. If it continues to do well it will come to Android.