Redfoo (of LMFAO)'s very own bot: music, merch & live chat!

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Launched today at the closing session at MobileBeat — huge crowd reaction when they did a live chat on stage via Messenger. This is what the future of personal bots are all about: engagement, interaction, and personality. The Uber integration is on point — connect your Uber account and FooBot will send you music from RedFoo for your ride! Take that Hardwell Bot!
@chrismessina Thx for the hunt! 🎉 I'm really excited for the launch of this new bot because it shows how personal bots make automation feel intimate - no matter the size of the audience.🤘 We added in some new functionality including broadcasting, ephemeral group chat, and merchandise to name a few. I'm particularly interested in the group chat experience because it is *so* fun! Of course most personal bots won't need all of those features but the great thing about Olabot is we make it easy to toggle them on/off. 😎 The platform isn't open yet... we're in the dogfood stage where we are learning by using it ourselves every day - figuring out what works and where things break down. But we've got a waiting list for folks who want to be early to try it out, so feel free to sign up! 💃