Foo Fighters Sky

Explore the sky in your neighborhood with Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters Sky is a mobile web app which allows you to explore the stars while watching a performance of the new Foo Fighters single, "The Sky is a Neighborhood."

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It was Dave's idea. About a month ago he sent a text message over to the manager that said, "So it’s a video of us performing; But when you point it at the Sky, it shows the actual constellations behind us; So it works just like those apps; But we’re in the foreground playing." This would serve as a companion piece to "The Sky is a Neighborhood" music video which was also released today. Here's a longer post regarding this app's development:
It`s Cool , Guys !!!
Nice one. 👍
Solid work Lee!!!
@tommullen haha, thanks Tom. Let's rap soon!
Totally pointless and utterly bonkers. But I love it.