Simple tool for testing web fonts directly on live sites

Fonty improve your work with web fonts and choose them in real site with real sizes and styles as created.

You can compare the differences between web fonts rendering on all modern (desktop and mobile) browsers.

You don’t need access to your website code and you can try it with almost any site you know

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I don't know how it went to number 4 but, it doesn't work at all.
@aneemtree Really? It works perfectly for me!
@aneemtree Please, use our "report" link if you have problems with Fonty. It is important to us because we want to improve our product in any way.
@booligoosh Something is wrong, it doesn't load the javascript properly, then it can't apply the fonts.
@aneemtree Please let us know the OS and browser types and versions you are using when opening the app. It might be the case of an unsupported version of software. We are striving to be as compatible as possible and being accessible on any browser should the technology allows it. Your feedback is appreciated.
Hi @jacqvon, Thanks for your question. Our application focuses on solving a different problem - the main objective is not to allow the user to preview a big set of fonts, but instead to be able to choose the right one in the context of a specific design - the importance of the context being the ability to preview easily how a font change reflects on the general appearance and the vibe for a specific design project. For example a large portion of the websites start as readily available wordpress / magento system installation, followed by a default or custom theme. After that modifications start, at this point the design author could use our tool to very easily apply different fonts finding which one suits best the actual website, including how the text might re-flow etc. We believe that this tool also nurtures more creativity. Wouldn't you be excited to see how your current site would look like with a different web font? :)
Fonts are a pain to search and download. trying different fonts on live site is really really cool.

As for now it is a simple, direct and straightforward app to use to demo how your website will look in different fonts. Good not only for develoeprs/designers but also for showcasing to clients and users.

Would love to see the ability to target specific tags etc to insert in different fonts or even do things such as adjustments of font sizes etc.


It just works.


Only basic and title fonts.

Any reason you didn't make this chrome plugin instead? And allow it to pull from google fonts?
@roach_iam We are currently using Google fonts API as font repository. We believe the ability to serve the same functionality across the open web is critical for our users and would also allow them to see the slight differences of font rendering the different engines might exhibit thus making the app even more useful.