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Hello hunters! \(◠‿◠)/ Last year, we were on PH to launch a Kickstarter campaign to bring font creation to Adobe’s apps. 760 backers loved it, and 4 months later we launched Fontself for Illustrator, introducing a super simple way to make fonts: with drag & drop. Today, we’re launching Fontself for Photoshop, introducing a novel innovation: color bitmap fonts. It almost looks like Adobe brought color font support to Photoshop CC 2017 just for Fontself ;) Oh, and did we say that color fonts also show up in many Mac apps?
@franzhoffman would this work on gimp or inkscape?
@baybayin Fontself only runs in Adobe's apps, but the vector fonts you export with it run everywhere. To my knowledge, Gimp & Inkscape do however not yet display color fonts.
Font creation is gonna be fun again...
Looks awesome guys! I'm sure the Algolia design team would get a kick out of this!