Fontself Maker

Create fonts in Illustrator CC with drag and drop

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Hello hunters! \(◠‿◠)/ Ok, so you have drawn this awesome piece of lettering, the whole alphabet, and now you wonder what to do with it? Should you post it on Instagram or Behance? Hey - why not create a font out of this? Well, you already tried that in the past, but making fonts can be a daunting task at first… So, what if you could just bring all your lettering into Illustrator, and simply drag & drop it to instantly turn it into a real font? (that be nice, no? ;) Then say hello to ★★ Fontself Maker ★★, the very first solution that brings you font creation capabilities right into Adobe Illustrator CC. Yup! Nothing new to learn, no complex software to learn, and no more back & forth trips between multiple tools. Fontself Maker is an extension for Illustrator and it’s adding a new panel to you favorite vector editor. Select your lettering, drop it, and there we go: you can now preview your font in realtime, refine it, and export it as an OpenType file. Before you ask, it’s available for Illustrator CC (no CS6 or earlier) and works on both Mac & PC. Check this video to see all the latest additions:
And as usual, if you like it, please SHARE THE NEWS with other creatives, they will love it =) Enjoy, and we are happy to answer any question! ✌︎
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Just purchased. Can't wait to create my first font. Looks very intuitive. Thanks for the hunters discount ;)
@craigcpaterson Wow, thanks! If you have any question / comment, contact us directly from Illustrator via the Intercom chat feature, at the bottom right of the Fontself panel =)
Nice! There is certainly a need, my wife was creating a font this weekend just gone as part of her illustration work. She trialed Glyphs for Mac. She followed a really long tutorial online and there was a learning curve to pick up the new tool, so I like how this is embedded within an existing workflow. I think a trial period would allow for sampling your product and realising it's value/ease-of-use. That should help with the purchasing decision.
I've always wanted to delve into Typeface creation but found it kind of cumbersome. This looks to make it far more intuitive. Great looking product.
What a great tool! I will definitely give it a try! I'm a beginner web designer and I like using beautiful fonts. I usually use ready made fonts like these from . They also work fine for my projects.