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#3 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2019
Fonts Ninja identify fonts on any website and let you try them in your design software.
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Dear fellow Product hunters I’m Axel Corjon, Founder of Fonts Ninja. I’m really excited today to share with ProductHunt community the total revamp of Fonts Ninja ( **Why** For the last 4 years, our browser extension helped countless designers identify fonts. But what happens when you discover a new font you like? you’re probably going to pirate a version to try it. It’s an illegal, really slow and painful process... you may even end up using the same font you’ve been using over and over. We get it, it’s easier. **And here we come** With Fonts Ninja you can Identify fonts (only with chrome for the moment) and try them legally in your favorite design software. We want to speed up designers workflow and make it easier to discover and try fonts in your designs. I am super excited to be on Product Hunt today! I am available to answer all your questions today 🙏 For those who want to deep dive: 10% discount with the code "ProductHunters"
Super nice update Axel ;)
@louis_ansa thanks, glad you like it!
I have beta tested and used Fonts Ninja for a while and it's awesome. Congrats team! @axelcorjon @arnaud_fontsninja
I've been using Font Ninja for years and this update is just next level. Incredible execution and product vision. Nailed it. 💛